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Lance Lightyear is a queer body, singer, songwriter, lyricist and MC, born and raised in Cape Town. They use music to actively denounce the systematic oppression of LGBTQ+ bodies and brings forth queer-evolution, queer-expression and queer-freedom most prominently in music fashion and visual imagery.

The creative concept/business they would like to create is a studio/media hub/record label offering quality sound, recording, beats production and engineering that meets industry standards and with everything needed for an industry-approved media kit. This will include bios, images, videos, interviews, licensing, registrations and copyrighting material. This service will be sold to various artists in their communities with no discrimination, along with physical and digital copies to customers. They will also host quarterly and annual events to drive conversation/networks and capital; create workshops that allow the sharing of information to artists pursuing a career in music and establish a record label that allows the artist to determine their own success.

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