By Reabetsoe Catherine Matobako

This is more than an opportunity; it is a lifetime investment. A two-minute video changed my life for a better. I am a 35 years’ young woman from Welkom in the Free State who started as a literature artist when I was 7 years’ old, completing my first book, Otle o nkgopotse when I was 11. This book is all about my childhood journey following my rape by an uncle. Since then, I have been writing, right until today, with 65 books under my belt. In 2009, I successfully published my poetry book, Leihlo le bonang.

When I joined BASA earlier this year, I thought is going to be just easy and entertaining, like other entertainment businesses, but it wasn’t! It was informative and challenging. My Free State mentor taught me the importance of patience, focus and concentration. Most of all, I have learnt that my literature is not just an artwork but a business, and I have to make money and grow my business. I have also learnt that through marketing on multiple platforms, I can make my dream of having my Africa Literature Museum a reality. With the R10 500 all participants received as a booster helped me to change my business. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel that is my vision for a museum by 2023, which will be one of the most well-known museums established by a young woman from Welkom and mentored by BASA.

The training I have received has been some of the best training I have ever attended, but also the most challenging to experience as a participant. This was also due to my connectivity and inability to always attend the online sessions. For me, the biggest challenge I faced was during the session where we learnt to create a website – I almost quit and left the programme. But my mentor was incredibly supportive and I succeeding in creating the website, although I was the last person to do so! From that challenge, I have learnt that life is not a dance floor and challenges must never prove me a failure. I must learn to stay focused under any circumstances. My dream is my responsibility. In 2023, I will launch my Africa Literature Museum, and it will be one best entertainment company ever in Mzansi #InformationisPower. Kea leboha.

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