A mother who never ceases to amaze her children!
A mother who gives lessons to her children!
Reminding them of their art,
Guiding them to their path,
Encouraging them to start,
As a moving cart,
Walking them through the steps,
of their own businesses,
Not minding their busyness,
And their slowness,
She kept reminding them,
Of their uniqueness.

A mother who educates her children about the hardships of the way,
Not forgetting the relationships of the journey,
She equips them with wisdom and resources to face the world,
She, who has a heart of art takes care of artist,
I was fortunate enough to be one of her children,
I was blessed enough to be one of those who drank a lot from her cup,
Today I am wise and informative,
Inspired and motivated,
I have a baby art whom I just birthed ,
She is growing and glowing,
Crawling to her success,
One step at a time,
She is providing and feeding,
No longer breastfeeding.

She is strengthened with the powerful heart in art,
Full of knowledge and implementation,
She is transformed and aware of creative economy,
She has life that is fulfilling to her art,
She has an understanding,
of the powerful weapon she held,
In her creative heart,
She is a granddaughter of a Debut programme,
And I am a daughter of a Debut programme.