By Remigio Angelo Dingashe

The Debut programme demonstrated practically how artistic success is as fundamentally dependent on business skills as it is on talent. Through this programme, artists from rural areas have been afforded a fighting chance to succeed.

Before this programme, I felt like a fish out of water; my dreams were as far from the north as though they were from the south. Through this programme, I was able to give birth to my debut anthology of poems titled, A Return to Africa. There is a famous saying, which states that a great journey starts with the first step. This programme gave us creatives psychological and financial tools to take that first step.

The programme taught me a plethora of things, but what stood out for me was the practical lesson of taking action. It is imperative that we plan, but by taking action on our ideas or plans we are able to manifest them into reality. There is a definition that I love about learning: “Learning is a permanent change in behaviour as a result of experience.” What we have learnt throughout this programme will not only change how we approach the arts, but the skills are transferable to any industry.

Psychologically, the programme reinforced self-efficacy, self-confidence and self-esteem. Why do I say this? It is through this programme that I am able to welcome criticism. Throughout this programme, I made mistakes in the manner in which I approached my tasks and I had to go back and correct my errors. In the process, I have seen practically that the fool is indeed the precursor of the saviour, meaning that when you do something for the first time you should expect to fail; and not just the first, but even the second, or third time. But, with practice, you will improve from infancy to maturity with any skill that you want to master.

From the programme I take away the knowledge that I am an asset and I have grown to look around me to identify what I am able to use to implement my plans. In this letter to Business Arts South Africa’s Debut programme there is so much more that I can say but let me conclude with the words, “Thank you!”.

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